6:30 am

Play Discovery

Interest Centers are designed for children to discover and explore. Activities include dress-up, kitchen, workplace, etc.

7:30 am


Children may bring from home or purchase on site.

8:00 am

Play Discovery Continues

Morning Children Arrive


8:45 am

Children are divided into age-graded classrooms. Each class has a schedule specifically designed for that specific age group. Class schedules are carefully balanced to ensure that each area of learning is covered every day.

9:00 am

Circle Time

Children music and movement

9:30 am

Bathroom Break
Morning Snacks


10:00 am
Outside Play





Restroom breaks, snacks, and outside play are staggered by age group. Each class has a designated snack time and a menu is posted on the Parent Information Board. We serve wholesome snacks. During outside play children may choose to play on structures, ride on bikes, or participate in a group activity.

11:00 am

Special programs/ art project or crafts/ transition to lunch





After outdoor play, children wash their hands and face (under the supervision of a teacher), and pray before eating their meal (which can be brought from home).



Half day Dismissal

12:15 pm


Children wash up after lunch, transition to story time , and retire to their mat or cot which is provided by the center. Parents(optional) supply a sheet and/or blanket.



Half day dismissal

2:45 pm

Up from nap/Snack Time

A hearty snack is served because it may be a long time before dinner.



Full day Preschool Dismissal /parents pick up

3:15 pm

Extended Care


 Outside or Inside Activities

Depending on the weather children participate in specially planned activities. During inclement weather special games and interest centers are provided inside.

4:30 pm

Story Time

Upon return from Outside Activities, children wash up and listen to stories to help wind down from the day’s activities.

5:00 pm

Manipulative Activities

Selected manipulates are offered to the children to help them with the long pick-up hour.

5:30 pm

Afternoon Snack Time

A light snack is offered to the remaining children.

6:30 pm

Center closes


Extended Night care


Limited Program (9 slots open)


Please inquire