Preschool 's Fun!
Preschool 's Fun!











Preschooler Ages 3 & 4 yrs old will spread their wings and fly, as this childcare class encompasses a wide variety of activities centered on developmental goals of the program. Children at this stage will master and achieve many goals, as they propel in higher learning experience.



Our educational activities offer the child experiences in advance language, mathematics, science, music, and arts. Healthy living habits and tools for sound developmental skills of the whole child.


Our program will focus on the established development level for each child's individual potential and is designed to meet each child’s whole need while preparing them for advance study's in Pre Kindergarten.


In this class children grow fond of Learning through play with many hands on cultural arts experience to cooking and technology classes, it's no wonder these little learners are becoming such wise guys!


Your Child learning and developmental skills includes goals listed in the following areas:


* Language 
* Math 
* Science

* Practical Life 
* Care of Self 
* Care of the environment